We know that marketing is one of the initial steps for starting your small business. Glidercorp has been an industry leader in the application development space for over a decade and during that time we have learned lots about what works and what doesn’t work. 2020 has been quite a rough time for businesses of all shapes and sizes and we wanted to compile a list of the most effective marketing strategies that we have been utilizing throughout this difficult covid-19 time. If you want to grow you need to think proactively this includes understanding what customers want and how much can they spend on a product. It is not possible to know the estimated costs and other information without marketing. If you are looking for cost-effective and most productive ways to grow your small business, you are in the right place. Let’s discuss the 10 best marketing tactics to improve your business.

1.      Create a Network

To make your small business strong, you need to make a network. It is an easy way to get to know the people than going out and meeting everyone. It surely requires time and commitment but it is one of the best ways to promote your brand.

2.      Focus on the Methods that work

In the beginning, we all try different methods to make our business work. Some methods work for us and some do not. You need to pay attention to the ones that work for you and double-down them to make a good profit.

3.      Use free tools for promotion

We all know the importance of marketing tools to promote your business. If you have a smaller target or business goal, it is better to use the free promotional tools. There are several good and commonly used tools present to give highly expected results.

4.      Promote through blogging

Blogging is the best way to explain the purpose and benefits your business provides. It creates traffic and guides people on why your business is worth trusting. It is not very hard to do blogging, you can start with a free or inexpensive website tool and create your own website for blogging.

5.      Use social media platforms for Promotions

Today social media hold a greater place in everyone’s life. You can use it as your marketing platform. All you have to do is create good promotional posts and increase traffic. It is the one the best method to grow your business and find the potential customers.

6.      Know how to Manage Finances

You need to find out the best price in the market. It is to provide the actual price of products and services. You need to know the miscellaneous costs that affect your business. Another thing, that also helps to create the demand for your business is cutting the costs. To attract your customers you need to do the market research and cut the costs when required.

7.      Try Paid Advertisement

Advertisements play a big role in promoting your business. It might take some time to build organic traffic, but it is worth giving a shot for a long term profit. It is a good tactic to target the buyers by investing some amount. You can use Google Ads or SEO search engine optimization to get a good audience looking for your products.

8.      Research the competitors

One of the great tips for marketing your small business is to research your competitors thoroughly. You need to gather the sufficient information about their products and services and the price they are offering. You will know if you are lacking somewhere or need some improvements. It is the perfect method to improve your business tactic

9.      Own a Website

In today’s time, it is very important to have a website. Most people find it easy to check things online and having a website is the best idea to gain potential customers. It tells people what exactly you are offering what are the benefits. It is not necessary to have a fancy website but professional enough to introduce your products.


Above are the best marketing techniques to help you grow your business. But with the big changing rate in the market, you need to keep experimenting. Don’t be afraid to use a new marketing trend. You need to be prepared or have solid planning, before implementing the experiment, whatever the outcome will be. It is important to keep researching every day for new marketing strategies or how you can improve your product.